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The lifespan of a metal roof can easily reach 70 years, and with superior durability and lightweight construction, your metal roof is an investment in the future. In that same 7 decades, asphalt shingles wear out and need replacing as many as 7 times! A new metal roof from Fraserview Roofing is reliable, economical, and with a variety of design and color options to suit your taste, it’s also beautiful.

Metal Roof Profiles vary depending on the look you want to accomplish and how long you want the roof to hold up for you. There are profiles that will give your roof a longer life cycle.

Ask you Fraserview Roofing to show you the differences.

The Benefits of Roof Tiles


One of the lowest maintenance roofing materials around is residential metal roofs. Metal roofs shed snow more effectively than other roof types, especially if they are sloped, resulting in fewer leaks, water dams, and heavy snow loads.

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