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Torch-On Roofs

With years of experience helping BC property owners plan and install flat roofs on residential and commercial buildings, we are the qualified experts you want on your side when considering this roofing style. Contact us and receive a free estimate for your specific project along with friendly, personable service from beginning to end.

First of all, flat roofs provide easy access for maintenance and inspection. It is safe for both property owners and professionals alike to climb atop the surface to locate and repair damage before it worsens. This accessibility feature helps property owners keep the roof in ideal functioning condition.

Second, this type of roof is easily and quickly installed, since fewer materials are required. In most cases, this means these roofs are less expensive than sloped ones, due to lower costs for both supply and labor. The roofing contractor does not have to charge more for safety concerns, as they might for a steeply sloped roof project.

Third, flat roofs are known for their durability. They are not subject to high winds like their sloped roof counterparts. Depending on the roofing system and membrane, the product may last for up to three decades with routine maintenance and repairs. This saves the property owner further costs on the frequency of roof replacements.

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